• Submersible Well Pump Wire & Direct Burial Wire

    PVC Submersible Well Pump Wire

    Twisted Submersible Wire designed specifically for submersible pump applications. Annealed bare solid copper conductors insulated with PVC, twisted to form multi-conductor pump cable. UL listed per UL83 Type TW Construction A as deep well pump cable. Includes green ground wire. Available in lengths from 50 feet to 1000 feet
    Submersible well pump wire

    Submersible well pump wire


    Double Jacketed, Direct Burial UF-B Feeder Wire

    Type UF underground feeder cable (Direct Burial) is UL listed and meets the requirements of UL493 and may be installed in exposed and concealed locations in dry, moist, damp, or corrosive environments and may be direct buried. It may also be exposed to the sun.  Use Type UF to provide power from your source to the top of the well.  Please note that this is not for use inside wells. Available in lengths from 50 feet to 1000 feet

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